Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is long overdue but better late than never,I welcomed a new baby boy in February and ever since then I've been lost in baby mode I missed writing a great deal but could hardly have all my thoughts in a clear trail.The journey of my spiritual finding went on a mini vacation not to say it vanished completely but the steps I had taken to get to the point I was was on somewhat of a halt until a dear friend of mine asked me to join her for lunch that day lead to a lot of spiritual talk and exchange of experiences that led  to our growth.It was such a coincidence but later the next night another friend of mine sent me a text asking when was the last time I had written something on my blog,well this seemed all to well of a pattern and something I had thought about countless times,it then occurred to my senses that I needed to continue the development of my being and sharing it with people that are on the same journey or just started.I spend my Sundays watching OWN learning from my spiritual gurus and the amount of time on a single show is never long enough my spirit is left to wonder and appreciate more of how people are becoming more  aware of the movement of souls not just as a conscience but also as teacher,healer and friend the conscience is not that voice that people dread to listen to and always seem to ignore rather people are in tune with that conscience and learning how to navigate in life using that inner voice to make life more easier.When in tune we just do better,we want to do better.