Thursday, December 27, 2012


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012



               LET LOVE BE

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I grew up being a pushover,gentle and never really caring of negative people it just never bothered me up until i started questioning my own beliefs.I started to try and change my mentality and be more outspoken and stand my ground learning to say no and fighting back,which is not bad if done in a proper way but i wanted to lash out  and let it be known I'm not the sucker no more.It hurt me though in a dramatic way because i didn't like who i was becoming but i figured its how i had to be to shield myself from all the stones people can throw at you.I had to do my own soul searching and look deeper into the situation at hand,I then realized hey this is not who you are,this is not how you operate and it does not matter if people are mean they have their reasons which you don't know but you know who you are and it is not worth it.This was my breakthrough i am recovering from all that and rebuilding my soul into peace.Freeing the soul of all baggage is wonderful because it helps us learn more about who we really are it does,learning to release all the hurt people may have caused in your life not for their sake but for yours maybe they have they own demons and it never really is about you they fighting their own battle too.When the soul is cluttered no good can come out of that it makes us feel trapped,confused and bitter,I didn't understand but now i do.The soul is a place for thoughts of positivity to flow a place where the good in us lies and if covered with resentment and anger it turns against us and becomes our worst enemy.I couldn't of understood this had i not experienced it this was a lesson,"be good to everyone you meet because everyone is fighting a battle".Let go of all the hurt now I'm not saying forget or pretend like nothing happened but realize it did let go and move on,live from your soul feel the freedom of not having any anger,feel the freedom of not being trapped by negative thoughts,feel the freedom of peace,feel the freedom of being you breath it,sense it,practice it,it can't be easy but we can lead our soul into freedom gradually.We are beautiful souls its experiences that shape our becoming don't let that trap who we are break the chains of baggage and become the image of our CREATOR because thats our core that is the good that lives in us go harvest yours and find the freedom in your soul. 
                          LET LOVE BE

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have always seen life as a pleasant and very mysterious journey,we never know what lies ahead but we can only dream it and that what makes it so lovely we can paint our imagery of how we want life to be on our invisible canvas, speak it and LIVE IT.This is just one of many wonders of being human. I have imagined what it would be like if we all had the same coding,we all thought alike,looked alike,experienced the same situations at the same time every day and lived the same lives.This would mean all our canvases would look the same and the touring artist would get board of looking at the same paintings while trying to find inspiration in an art gallery,he will get bored like many of us would and i assume exit the gallery with little to no motivation at all.Individuality plays the large role of who we are and i feel it should never be ignored because of fears of failure or being the odd ball out,we all know this already but its so important that in this journey of self discovery and connecting with our spirit we not only know it we live it everyday.I don't know any other ways that humans inspire each other if not through individuality we all have something special to offer that is why our spirit is in existence.Our lives don't all lead the same path which is great because  it teaches us appreciation of who we are and what pattern we lead.If we really pay attention to all these little things we come to find a level of understanding,we paint our own portrait  not someone else's,we paint what our spirit desires not afraid of making mistakes or being called a failure or being judged and caged in a box we along with our spirit become liberated.Giving that canvas your individuality inspiring someone else through who you are,being who you want to be not what others expect of you live it,live it,live it.Through the soul we should learn who we are if it speaks we listen  and respond we should be humbled by our individuality we should be proud,we should celebrate it with showing the world who we are.We should never make the mistake of trying to hide it or practice being someone else,that is not who we are let your own soul lead you,draw your own beautiful canvas live it,live it,live it.Love who you are in all situations you face LOVE YOU and share that love with everyone that comes in your space.
                LET LOVE BE

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today happened to be one of those days where i woke up feeling great and ready to take on the world leading myself into a zen space and ultimate peace of who i am.As humans the soul longs to be at peace and the utmost happiness but staying that way can prove to be somewhat difficult as we encounter challenges along the way,its not the easiest of goals to accomplish but it is however possible.When we come to an understanding of who we are and what we are worth its amazing we learn we are apart of something great and we are loved by our creator unconditionally and how fortunate we are to be able to experience the gift of life,its beautiful.The urgency to get up and be happy can be centered on that thought alone,if we become more aware and more positive during hardships it gives us more hope,more courage and undefeated spirit.It is not simple to go on and be happy while there are troubles lingering around in our lives but we choose which direction this can lead us to,we choose.We have the choice to let this be who we are or get up smile and get in touch with that peace and comfort and see it as a lesson to endure and master the outcome.Not all things have to be seen with the human eye for ones happiness    as cliche as it is it really holds a powerful meaning.We all want life to be as smooth and fruitful as it can be but without all the little jitters in between no lessons can be learnt,it helps us have true sense of how much strength we posses  and shapes our individuality the mission to happy will not always come in a bag of roses it can come in the most unflattering forms but how we choose to wear it makes all the difference.ROCK THAT HARDSHIP TO HAPPY.

                     LET LOVE BE