Sunday, January 27, 2013


Different things inspire different people,some are inspired by pain while others are inspired by stories of courage others simply by the arts it does not really matter the formula as long as it gets across in changing a human mind into a positive fixture.I always wake up and look forward to reading something that will inspire me or to see a display of fabrics that are lined up across a clothing store or to see a beautiful art painting that tells a story of someones life however there is something more heart felt and pure whenever i come across stories of pain whether it be through a painting or told by someone it is always amazing to see how pain something that no one wants to encounter can be the growth and success of someone else.There are a number of stories that i have heard of people that have gone through the hardest of times only to come out more driven and accomplished,where pain was their only formula that built up their achievements it was the only thing that they felt but somehow it kept them moving towards a ray of light.I am inspired by that it makes me think of the possibilities of being in a situation where  you would trade your arm to get out of but that arm just might be the loss of your strength.To feel the pain that you are going through,to mask it out and come out great can be a stepping stone to inspire someone else so you see now not every challenge in life can ever be that bad,everybody has a story to tell depending on which ears are listening that can interpret that into good and find a ray of light out of their very own dark situation.We are here to inspire one another for the good to fish for the positive whether it be in the most odd places,places where people have said no good can ever amount but with the right intentions we can inspire."Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else  ever cared".

                  LET LOVE BE

Monday, January 14, 2013


We don't really get a full view of how our life can turn out to be we just get snippets of our lives on a day to day basis we always struggle with the thoughts of how life is going to be 10 years from now how we want to make a difference and become better.Our day can be spent on thoughts from the future which is good but in all those thoughts and wondering we can loose a sense of who we are today it's always good to just feel and experience the moment of today take a walk outside and be one  with nature allow yourself the joy of not having to worry,the joy of being in the present and enjoying the privilege of your existence.Loving today opening up your soul to greatness being aware of all the blessings that are present right now leading your thoughts to manifest the greatness of tomorrow,creating a space for this practice 10 minutes a day can help shift your day in a meaningful and happier direction now in no way are you going to be able to change the feelings of everyone around you to be in the same spirit as you are but if you can have an effect on one person that means you have touched a soul which will empower you to live more authentically.It has to be worth it,no day has to go wasted without your happiness open up your soul to the love of today tapping into the greatness of your future feel the honor of being who you are and love it. 
                     LET LOVE BE

Monday, January 7, 2013


The soul of a child carries purity and love that has no boundaries the breath is so sweet and pure they live for each day without restraints they love hard and embrace all humans that come into their direction.They bring joy into the lives of people around them it's a pleasure to see life from the eyes of a child living in their world for just a day being aware of the emotions,to feel their love and to witness their forgiving spirit is like a gift to humans as a reminder of how each and everyone of us once were before we forgot and started living life the adult way.As we grow we start to take piece by piece of what life is we start to associate our emotions with experiences,we make patterns of our past and learn to distinguish good from bad opening the door to judgements,lies,resentment and anger we learn to feel these emotions and drive ourselves further from the truth of love we forget our roots were once made of nothing but pure wreaths of love.With experiences we become more detached to our childhood spirit we learn what we had known from birth is not what we know now and that the world not only functions with love it functions with hatred,pain and disease we slowly forget who we once were.Everyday I observe my son I pick up bits of pieces of his life I laugh when there is no reason I smile back at every stranger we meet I learn to be happy without having an explanation to my happiness and I learn not to judge but somewhere in the back of my mind the adult way has been embedded so I learn to feel the gift of borrowing pieces of his life as much as I can.When our roots have been misplaced we seek happiness out of our bodies but when the soul has been filled we live in happiness this being the love of the Devine."The babies are born channeling the breath of the angels" I love this quote from Oprah Winfrey because when we come into the world we know nothing but love and peace we still hold purity close to our hearts we grow into childhood with this love and ability to forgive and let go but we mature into adulthood and live life by the way it is we treat people the way they treat us everything becomes tit for tat we learn to lie because of shame and guilt we learn to resent and hold grudges,we have forgot the true lesson of love and who we once were if we go back into our soul and find that peace and love we can find that happiness in things we love,living every day being aware of how blessed we are,being in the moment of every aspect of your life and being humbled by being a reflection of the Devine like a child.

                    LET LOVE BE

Friday, January 4, 2013


A couple of months back a very close friend of mine introduced me to meditation she sent me a link and I became hooked,I was practicing yoga at the time and liked the idea of trying something new.I have heard of meditation and never really took the time to understand or practice it,it was a 21 day challenge if my memory serves me correct so I started at day one and I have been meditating ever since.Now it has not been that long but the outcome of my thought process slowly began to shift,many people mistake meditation to some sort of religion which it is not meditation is simply a method of quieting the mind and body allowing your soul to open up and lead you to more consciousness.It opens the door to infinity of the spirit it links you to your inner self discovering that place of reason and calm in the process it heals you.When the mind and body is still it allows you a power beyond the general,it seeks the core of  our being.It makes you more aware,more in touch with who you really are it's almost like practicing a selfless act because you no longer holding on to the ego everything else flows the way it has too and the direction of your thoughts become clear because your mind no longer commands you.I have really found this practice to be helpful,as humans we tend to look at what the world has to offer us and what are our wants and I am not dismissing that but in turn we can also ask the world what we have to give by meditating you open up your soul and you listen and become more selfless,more willing to become a better version of who you are and the consciousness brings out reason and with reason life seems to be more than just the usual view.I am aware it works different for every individual but the common thing expressed by everyone is how it make the soul more responsive in our everyday lives and how it shifts the mentality into brighter and positive awareness of what makes you who you are.I did not have to pay a penny to learn this I just sat up straight legs folded and hands on knees with no sound and drove my spirit into peace,it has not been that long but it has been great.
                        LET LOVE BE

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This is the time where most of us sit down and reflect on how the previous year treated us and how we want the year ahead to be,some make new resolutions while others don't really care as they believe whatever will happen will happen.Well my New Years resolution is not going to be the theme whatever will happen will happen I will make plans and have faith believing that God is on my side and he does not work with whatever will happen will happen he works with your FAITH.I now believe not having a plan and going on about your day because you have the fear that if you make plans it never works and the pain of that disappointment is not what you want,looking at the universe and how it works what you leave out there is what you attract so if you live by whatever will happen will happen you could just be attracting disaster or joy depends on what the universe will decide for you.Now I don't want to leave my fate hanging in the air I want to reach out to my soul find that faith,believe and make it happen I will use my soul as my weapon of strength to communicate to the universe what I want.I am not saying that I will make a list of rules and changes and store it in a safe somewhere I will just change my view of life believing that if you don't plan,ask,believe then you won't receive our gifts are there for us ,waiting to be collected but the faith is the key to release what we are destined for without it who knows what can happen.It is the mindset it's not so much about living your life in abc steps its how you manifest what is already out there not by leaving fate to work by itself but by leading it with your faith.The peace of the soul can release all positive thoughts to come our direction one being the exit of fear and without fear ask yourself what greatness the world has to offer that you can not receive ask,receive and believe.                                                                                          
        LET LOVE BE