Sunday, August 18, 2013


I always had a very loud spiritual side to me since I was little I remember vividly having conversations with my grandmother who has been through out my life a spiritual guru,she always had these interesting stories about the one force that was greater then any human or living species could ever amount to.She would make it very clear how life had this pattern flow that we can never figure out how to yield through it without getting tangled and really how much we needed guidance to figure it all out.This to me was my very first lessons of knowing how to really communicate with our Creator these were the first ropes that I really got a grip on and understood the importance of being in the presence of His grace I really understood but would not boldly say I had it figured out because I did not have the answers,still to this day I am learning.I think all humans have the same longing of being the best of who they are meant to be as its been said a million times there is no one perfect we all have our flaws but I can say this without fear nor doubt the peace in knowing we were created in His image is alone to me is humbling,the chance that we were worthy in His eyes is glorious.So to be given the chance to flourish into greatness is nothing but an honour,everyday lends itself the opportunity to become more stronger and more connected to our guiding voice,a friend of mine once said to me she understood how easy life could become if we chose to be connected how there were signs that pointed to the direction we needed to go if only we were willing to learn.We have yet to reach our peak everyday is a step closer to greatness.

                            LET LOVE BE

Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is long overdue but better late than never,I welcomed a new baby boy in February and ever since then I've been lost in baby mode I missed writing a great deal but could hardly have all my thoughts in a clear trail.The journey of my spiritual finding went on a mini vacation not to say it vanished completely but the steps I had taken to get to the point I was was on somewhat of a halt until a dear friend of mine asked me to join her for lunch that day lead to a lot of spiritual talk and exchange of experiences that led  to our growth.It was such a coincidence but later the next night another friend of mine sent me a text asking when was the last time I had written something on my blog,well this seemed all to well of a pattern and something I had thought about countless times,it then occurred to my senses that I needed to continue the development of my being and sharing it with people that are on the same journey or just started.I spend my Sundays watching OWN learning from my spiritual gurus and the amount of time on a single show is never long enough my spirit is left to wonder and appreciate more of how people are becoming more  aware of the movement of souls not just as a conscience but also as teacher,healer and friend the conscience is not that voice that people dread to listen to and always seem to ignore rather people are in tune with that conscience and learning how to navigate in life using that inner voice to make life more easier.When in tune we just do better,we want to do better.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Knowing the direction of who you are and what you are meant to be and not releasing all the energy into ones life can be the ultimate betrayal of ones existence.My mind is always struggling to find the balance between my life's purpose and what I perceive my life to be it's a constant battle to connect the two up until I came to an understanding the choices we make can either get us a step closer to what we are meant to be and get us at the starting point of who we are becoming or it can lead us far from our life's purpose.We always know the foundation of who we are meant to become but the building process has many shapes and turns we are yet to master,we always had our conscious it's always there whether we choose to bury it in a heap of denial only to realize later and then we sit and spit the famous words"if i should of listened to my instincts".This has happened to everybody we have manipulated our minds into ignoring that inner voice even though its strong and overbearing we have learnt the artwork of negotiating our conscious out the door even making decisions against the weapon that is meant to protect who we are.We end up having more problems we dont have solutions for and questions we dont have answers to then the cycle continues and it goes back right where it started,to that very same inner voice yet the message remains the same.The more we learn to become in tune to our spirit we come to find that the spirit does speak to us it draws us into the core of our being and helps us become more aware when it speaks if we choose to listen and take in all the messages it sends to us then I believe we are heading in the direction of what we are assigned to do.It's a process of growth and belief and unlike other things in life the spirit always remains open for second chances it has endless patience and love we can only choose if we are willing to let the spirit be our guide that will lead us to the destination of who we are meant to be.Every great artist,musician,writer,leader,designer,teacher when asked if they knew they were destined to become what and who they are they always share a common "yes I always knew".We always know but we can only choose to live it.

           LET LOVE BE

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can never seem to understand how some things in life happen it could be for the good or the bad,some experiences drive us into a better space while others leave us searching if we are yet to define the truth about who we really are.The soul seems to function in different layers,allowing elements of who we are to be hidden underneath it could be layers of pain we have not dealt with but simply suppressed and carried on with our lives not allowing the soul to cleanse itself,not allowing the soul to question and reason and not allowing the soul to move on.Reclaiming the baggage,finding the root of your turmoil is always the beginning of a brighter path one in which the backdrop of your life makes more sense,where the puzzles come together leaving no shade of grey that clouds your thoughts but rather connecting links that have gaped a hole in ones spirit.I am constantly working hard to be the image of my thoughts where i can practice to become more patient and learn to overlook negative energy but the more i reason the better i become in understanding that i too still need to work on myself,however i still live life as a happy bug believing that i get better by the day.Each day without a doubt can grow better than the last reclaiming the baggage from layers underneath the soul,fighting through the layers of the soul to get to the root of ones turmoil and becoming better in order to move on with love and patience allowing the process to generate on its own but guiding it with your conscience.I do believe if we lived more through our souls that our existence would be more encouraging to one another,more loving and patience would be the glue that keeps us together.With pain lies amounts of anger and with anger we can never move forward allow the soul to reclaim the baggage and be happy at the first step towards many more.      

                                    LET LOVE BE

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Different things inspire different people,some are inspired by pain while others are inspired by stories of courage others simply by the arts it does not really matter the formula as long as it gets across in changing a human mind into a positive fixture.I always wake up and look forward to reading something that will inspire me or to see a display of fabrics that are lined up across a clothing store or to see a beautiful art painting that tells a story of someones life however there is something more heart felt and pure whenever i come across stories of pain whether it be through a painting or told by someone it is always amazing to see how pain something that no one wants to encounter can be the growth and success of someone else.There are a number of stories that i have heard of people that have gone through the hardest of times only to come out more driven and accomplished,where pain was their only formula that built up their achievements it was the only thing that they felt but somehow it kept them moving towards a ray of light.I am inspired by that it makes me think of the possibilities of being in a situation where  you would trade your arm to get out of but that arm just might be the loss of your strength.To feel the pain that you are going through,to mask it out and come out great can be a stepping stone to inspire someone else so you see now not every challenge in life can ever be that bad,everybody has a story to tell depending on which ears are listening that can interpret that into good and find a ray of light out of their very own dark situation.We are here to inspire one another for the good to fish for the positive whether it be in the most odd places,places where people have said no good can ever amount but with the right intentions we can inspire."Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else  ever cared".

                  LET LOVE BE

Monday, January 14, 2013


We don't really get a full view of how our life can turn out to be we just get snippets of our lives on a day to day basis we always struggle with the thoughts of how life is going to be 10 years from now how we want to make a difference and become better.Our day can be spent on thoughts from the future which is good but in all those thoughts and wondering we can loose a sense of who we are today it's always good to just feel and experience the moment of today take a walk outside and be one  with nature allow yourself the joy of not having to worry,the joy of being in the present and enjoying the privilege of your existence.Loving today opening up your soul to greatness being aware of all the blessings that are present right now leading your thoughts to manifest the greatness of tomorrow,creating a space for this practice 10 minutes a day can help shift your day in a meaningful and happier direction now in no way are you going to be able to change the feelings of everyone around you to be in the same spirit as you are but if you can have an effect on one person that means you have touched a soul which will empower you to live more authentically.It has to be worth it,no day has to go wasted without your happiness open up your soul to the love of today tapping into the greatness of your future feel the honor of being who you are and love it. 
                     LET LOVE BE