Sunday, August 18, 2013


I always had a very loud spiritual side to me since I was little I remember vividly having conversations with my grandmother who has been through out my life a spiritual guru,she always had these interesting stories about the one force that was greater then any human or living species could ever amount to.She would make it very clear how life had this pattern flow that we can never figure out how to yield through it without getting tangled and really how much we needed guidance to figure it all out.This to me was my very first lessons of knowing how to really communicate with our Creator these were the first ropes that I really got a grip on and understood the importance of being in the presence of His grace I really understood but would not boldly say I had it figured out because I did not have the answers,still to this day I am learning.I think all humans have the same longing of being the best of who they are meant to be as its been said a million times there is no one perfect we all have our flaws but I can say this without fear nor doubt the peace in knowing we were created in His image is alone to me is humbling,the chance that we were worthy in His eyes is glorious.So to be given the chance to flourish into greatness is nothing but an honour,everyday lends itself the opportunity to become more stronger and more connected to our guiding voice,a friend of mine once said to me she understood how easy life could become if we chose to be connected how there were signs that pointed to the direction we needed to go if only we were willing to learn.We have yet to reach our peak everyday is a step closer to greatness.

                            LET LOVE BE

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