Monday, March 18, 2013


Knowing the direction of who you are and what you are meant to be and not releasing all the energy into ones life can be the ultimate betrayal of ones existence.My mind is always struggling to find the balance between my life's purpose and what I perceive my life to be it's a constant battle to connect the two up until I came to an understanding the choices we make can either get us a step closer to what we are meant to be and get us at the starting point of who we are becoming or it can lead us far from our life's purpose.We always know the foundation of who we are meant to become but the building process has many shapes and turns we are yet to master,we always had our conscious it's always there whether we choose to bury it in a heap of denial only to realize later and then we sit and spit the famous words"if i should of listened to my instincts".This has happened to everybody we have manipulated our minds into ignoring that inner voice even though its strong and overbearing we have learnt the artwork of negotiating our conscious out the door even making decisions against the weapon that is meant to protect who we are.We end up having more problems we dont have solutions for and questions we dont have answers to then the cycle continues and it goes back right where it started,to that very same inner voice yet the message remains the same.The more we learn to become in tune to our spirit we come to find that the spirit does speak to us it draws us into the core of our being and helps us become more aware when it speaks if we choose to listen and take in all the messages it sends to us then I believe we are heading in the direction of what we are assigned to do.It's a process of growth and belief and unlike other things in life the spirit always remains open for second chances it has endless patience and love we can only choose if we are willing to let the spirit be our guide that will lead us to the destination of who we are meant to be.Every great artist,musician,writer,leader,designer,teacher when asked if they knew they were destined to become what and who they are they always share a common "yes I always knew".We always know but we can only choose to live it.

           LET LOVE BE

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