Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can never seem to understand how some things in life happen it could be for the good or the bad,some experiences drive us into a better space while others leave us searching if we are yet to define the truth about who we really are.The soul seems to function in different layers,allowing elements of who we are to be hidden underneath it could be layers of pain we have not dealt with but simply suppressed and carried on with our lives not allowing the soul to cleanse itself,not allowing the soul to question and reason and not allowing the soul to move on.Reclaiming the baggage,finding the root of your turmoil is always the beginning of a brighter path one in which the backdrop of your life makes more sense,where the puzzles come together leaving no shade of grey that clouds your thoughts but rather connecting links that have gaped a hole in ones spirit.I am constantly working hard to be the image of my thoughts where i can practice to become more patient and learn to overlook negative energy but the more i reason the better i become in understanding that i too still need to work on myself,however i still live life as a happy bug believing that i get better by the day.Each day without a doubt can grow better than the last reclaiming the baggage from layers underneath the soul,fighting through the layers of the soul to get to the root of ones turmoil and becoming better in order to move on with love and patience allowing the process to generate on its own but guiding it with your conscience.I do believe if we lived more through our souls that our existence would be more encouraging to one another,more loving and patience would be the glue that keeps us together.With pain lies amounts of anger and with anger we can never move forward allow the soul to reclaim the baggage and be happy at the first step towards many more.      

                                    LET LOVE BE

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