Sunday, January 27, 2013


Different things inspire different people,some are inspired by pain while others are inspired by stories of courage others simply by the arts it does not really matter the formula as long as it gets across in changing a human mind into a positive fixture.I always wake up and look forward to reading something that will inspire me or to see a display of fabrics that are lined up across a clothing store or to see a beautiful art painting that tells a story of someones life however there is something more heart felt and pure whenever i come across stories of pain whether it be through a painting or told by someone it is always amazing to see how pain something that no one wants to encounter can be the growth and success of someone else.There are a number of stories that i have heard of people that have gone through the hardest of times only to come out more driven and accomplished,where pain was their only formula that built up their achievements it was the only thing that they felt but somehow it kept them moving towards a ray of light.I am inspired by that it makes me think of the possibilities of being in a situation where  you would trade your arm to get out of but that arm just might be the loss of your strength.To feel the pain that you are going through,to mask it out and come out great can be a stepping stone to inspire someone else so you see now not every challenge in life can ever be that bad,everybody has a story to tell depending on which ears are listening that can interpret that into good and find a ray of light out of their very own dark situation.We are here to inspire one another for the good to fish for the positive whether it be in the most odd places,places where people have said no good can ever amount but with the right intentions we can inspire."Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else  ever cared".

                  LET LOVE BE

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  1. Well put &bless inspiring...Elisée MM