Monday, January 14, 2013


We don't really get a full view of how our life can turn out to be we just get snippets of our lives on a day to day basis we always struggle with the thoughts of how life is going to be 10 years from now how we want to make a difference and become better.Our day can be spent on thoughts from the future which is good but in all those thoughts and wondering we can loose a sense of who we are today it's always good to just feel and experience the moment of today take a walk outside and be one  with nature allow yourself the joy of not having to worry,the joy of being in the present and enjoying the privilege of your existence.Loving today opening up your soul to greatness being aware of all the blessings that are present right now leading your thoughts to manifest the greatness of tomorrow,creating a space for this practice 10 minutes a day can help shift your day in a meaningful and happier direction now in no way are you going to be able to change the feelings of everyone around you to be in the same spirit as you are but if you can have an effect on one person that means you have touched a soul which will empower you to live more authentically.It has to be worth it,no day has to go wasted without your happiness open up your soul to the love of today tapping into the greatness of your future feel the honor of being who you are and love it. 
                     LET LOVE BE


  1. My long lost friend, i love your blog and i cannot wait to see you again some day. visit my blog,

  2. Hey mainini. I love what u doing and u looking absolutly beautiful.I ws thnking about you and I jus googled your name only to stumble upon your blog!!.I'll definatly be following it.R u stil using ur old email?..Stay true.maiguru. Love Nyasha purupuru

  3. I'm so happy to hear from you guys thanks for the support Nyasha I have been emailing you my email hasn't changed,keep in touch love you.Zama I will check it out and follow miss you guys