Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This is the time where most of us sit down and reflect on how the previous year treated us and how we want the year ahead to be,some make new resolutions while others don't really care as they believe whatever will happen will happen.Well my New Years resolution is not going to be the theme whatever will happen will happen I will make plans and have faith believing that God is on my side and he does not work with whatever will happen will happen he works with your FAITH.I now believe not having a plan and going on about your day because you have the fear that if you make plans it never works and the pain of that disappointment is not what you want,looking at the universe and how it works what you leave out there is what you attract so if you live by whatever will happen will happen you could just be attracting disaster or joy depends on what the universe will decide for you.Now I don't want to leave my fate hanging in the air I want to reach out to my soul find that faith,believe and make it happen I will use my soul as my weapon of strength to communicate to the universe what I want.I am not saying that I will make a list of rules and changes and store it in a safe somewhere I will just change my view of life believing that if you don't plan,ask,believe then you won't receive our gifts are there for us ,waiting to be collected but the faith is the key to release what we are destined for without it who knows what can happen.It is the mindset it's not so much about living your life in abc steps its how you manifest what is already out there not by leaving fate to work by itself but by leading it with your faith.The peace of the soul can release all positive thoughts to come our direction one being the exit of fear and without fear ask yourself what greatness the world has to offer that you can not receive ask,receive and believe.                                                                                          
        LET LOVE BE

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