Monday, January 7, 2013


The soul of a child carries purity and love that has no boundaries the breath is so sweet and pure they live for each day without restraints they love hard and embrace all humans that come into their direction.They bring joy into the lives of people around them it's a pleasure to see life from the eyes of a child living in their world for just a day being aware of the emotions,to feel their love and to witness their forgiving spirit is like a gift to humans as a reminder of how each and everyone of us once were before we forgot and started living life the adult way.As we grow we start to take piece by piece of what life is we start to associate our emotions with experiences,we make patterns of our past and learn to distinguish good from bad opening the door to judgements,lies,resentment and anger we learn to feel these emotions and drive ourselves further from the truth of love we forget our roots were once made of nothing but pure wreaths of love.With experiences we become more detached to our childhood spirit we learn what we had known from birth is not what we know now and that the world not only functions with love it functions with hatred,pain and disease we slowly forget who we once were.Everyday I observe my son I pick up bits of pieces of his life I laugh when there is no reason I smile back at every stranger we meet I learn to be happy without having an explanation to my happiness and I learn not to judge but somewhere in the back of my mind the adult way has been embedded so I learn to feel the gift of borrowing pieces of his life as much as I can.When our roots have been misplaced we seek happiness out of our bodies but when the soul has been filled we live in happiness this being the love of the Devine."The babies are born channeling the breath of the angels" I love this quote from Oprah Winfrey because when we come into the world we know nothing but love and peace we still hold purity close to our hearts we grow into childhood with this love and ability to forgive and let go but we mature into adulthood and live life by the way it is we treat people the way they treat us everything becomes tit for tat we learn to lie because of shame and guilt we learn to resent and hold grudges,we have forgot the true lesson of love and who we once were if we go back into our soul and find that peace and love we can find that happiness in things we love,living every day being aware of how blessed we are,being in the moment of every aspect of your life and being humbled by being a reflection of the Devine like a child.

                    LET LOVE BE