Friday, January 4, 2013


A couple of months back a very close friend of mine introduced me to meditation she sent me a link and I became hooked,I was practicing yoga at the time and liked the idea of trying something new.I have heard of meditation and never really took the time to understand or practice it,it was a 21 day challenge if my memory serves me correct so I started at day one and I have been meditating ever since.Now it has not been that long but the outcome of my thought process slowly began to shift,many people mistake meditation to some sort of religion which it is not meditation is simply a method of quieting the mind and body allowing your soul to open up and lead you to more consciousness.It opens the door to infinity of the spirit it links you to your inner self discovering that place of reason and calm in the process it heals you.When the mind and body is still it allows you a power beyond the general,it seeks the core of  our being.It makes you more aware,more in touch with who you really are it's almost like practicing a selfless act because you no longer holding on to the ego everything else flows the way it has too and the direction of your thoughts become clear because your mind no longer commands you.I have really found this practice to be helpful,as humans we tend to look at what the world has to offer us and what are our wants and I am not dismissing that but in turn we can also ask the world what we have to give by meditating you open up your soul and you listen and become more selfless,more willing to become a better version of who you are and the consciousness brings out reason and with reason life seems to be more than just the usual view.I am aware it works different for every individual but the common thing expressed by everyone is how it make the soul more responsive in our everyday lives and how it shifts the mentality into brighter and positive awareness of what makes you who you are.I did not have to pay a penny to learn this I just sat up straight legs folded and hands on knees with no sound and drove my spirit into peace,it has not been that long but it has been great.
                        LET LOVE BE

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  1. I never thought of trying meditation before, I'm one of those people who actually thought it was a religious thing. I definitely will give it a try!